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         1. Pony clubbers must wear an ASTM/SEI approved helmet with chinstrap secured while        mounted.




         2. Before each rider mounts, he or she must have a safety and cleanliness check of    tack, horse, and equipment. Feedback will be given on an individual basis for each          member. Don’t let unsafe tack keep you from participating!  For safety reasons, never       mount your horse inside barns.




         3.    The rider’s hair needs to be pulled back and neatly styled under the hard hat.




         4.    The rider’s shirt needs to be tucked in, and please wear a belt.




         5.  Breeches and boots are the best attire for mounted meetings.  Chaps with paddock          boots are permissible.




         6. All riding shoes must have a heel. No sneakers are allowed around the horses for     safety reasons.   Paddock boots are recommended for barn wear (adults, too). Rubber     boots are permissible.




         7.  If you know your horse kicks, be sure to tie a red ribbon in its tail.  Also, remember          to keep safe distances between horses, both in the ring and in or near the barns.




         8. Instruction during the mounted sessions will be determined by rating. Guest instructors will be shared among the groups.




         9. Ratings and chances to rate will be offered at least twice during the year. D-l through       C-2 members are rated within our club. Ratings for higher levels occur at the regional        level. Our club usually only allows new members to rate D-l or D-2 at the first rating.




          10. Current Coggins tests are required on all horses attending mounted meetings.       Stallions and horses under the age of 5 are not allowed at mounted meetings.




          11. Be sure to bring all necessary equipment for your horse, for example: water          buckets, tack and equipment, and extra items in case something breaks.  Be prepared       for any situation.




         12. Riders under 10, at mounted meetings where they ride, must have a parent or       parent-designated adult (over 18) substitute present.




         13. Parents and other adults, unless for safety considerations such as cross-country or         trail rides, are only allowed to ride if additional pony club insurance has been purchased   cover them.




         14.   Members will be expected to help clean up the facility used before leaving.  Please        remember to thank the landowner and the adult volunteers present.




         15.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask the DC or adults in       charge.


         16. Attendance at unmounted meetings (including work days) is extremely important and is expected in order to develop well-rounded pony club members.










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