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Rally Tips

    Keeping your breeches clean while putting in studs.

  • Take a bath-size towel and tuck it into the waistband of your breeches, then pick up your pony's hoof to screw in studs. His or her hoof should rest on the towel, not your breeches!   Remember, it�s much safer to stay on your feet when putting studs in, and it�s a Pony Club rule that you must never sit down when putting studs in.

    How to get a gorgeous, dandruff-free mane and tail.

  • Excerpted from an interview with Kayleen Fooy, graduate A, Liberty Oaks Pony Club

    The biggest key is multiple washes. For rallies, start 2 weeks, maybe even 3 weeks ahead of time and wash the mane and tail every 3-4 days. Then the week before the rally wash it every day. I use Head and Shoulders shampoo (T/Gel dandruff shampoo seems to work even better) and then for the last couple washings I also use Listerine in a spray bottle. First, I part the hair down the back and sides of the tailbone, then spray it on. The Listerine bottle usually has a big cap so I also fill that and dunk the bottom of the tailbone in it to get all the extra little flakes off.  I leave the Listerine on while I wash the rest of the horse and then when I'm all done I rinse it out.  

    The mane doesn't usually take as long, it depends on the horse. I make sure to part the mane down the middle and pour the Listerine down the line. If you just pour it on without parting the mane it doesn't get down to the roots.  Sometimes I also use conditioners in the first week but never at the end.  By the end, the tails are so clean they don't need products like Show Sheen.  I always arrive 10 minutes early at turnout inspection and then brush the tail right before inspection because there's always that last gust of wind that tangles it.

    Tail Detanglers

  • Here's an unusual tail de-tangler: lemon scented aerosol furniture polish. It works very well and smells nice! But be very careful to spray it only on the horse's tail hair and not on any other skin or fur.

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